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Green Hills

Our Vision

Be a leading worldwide company in Early Wildfire Detection Solutions and contribute to a safer and more sustainable world in transformation. 

LEITEK INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS is currently one of the national players in the area of early detection of forest / rural fires. 

LEITEK implemented the Early Fire Detection System in the Autonomous Region of Madeira and has several implementations in Portugal and Greece.

Having the intellectual property of the fire propagation simulation system FIRESTATION developed by ADAI/University of Coimbra, it integrated these models in its command and control and decision support applications.

LEITEK has developed its own solution called SAFE FOREST for detection of smoke columns - and other object classes, by edge computing/Machine Learning.

Fundo futurista abstrato

Our system has automatic, intelligent and reliable surveillance, dedicated to the protection of properties, infrastructure and rural areas, through automatic early detection of fires and video surveillance (CCTV).


The innovative SAFE FOREST system is a high-capacity, cost-effective multitasking system that can be scalable and configurable according to user needs (domestic, small and large agroforestry / industrial owners) close to forest areas in rural fire risk areas .


The World's First Smart Solution for property protection, fire detection by smoke columns, fire and vehicles and / or intrusions.

Green Hills


Scientific knowledge


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